How It Works

Hydro Dock International boat lifts utilize the air, water, displacement principal whereby vacuum blower motors are used to produce high volume, low pressure aire as our power source. No cables, pulleys, chains or high horsepower motors are required. We simply use air to lift your boat.

The operation of the Hydro Dock is engineered to be user friendly. It's like having your own private floating dry dock. Attach it to your floating dock, seawall, inside a slip or alongside pilings. It is free floating and requires only attachment brackets for securing. The operating control unit can be installed on the seawall or on the Hydro Dock itself.

Bringing your boat out of the water and putting it onto the boat lift is a simple process. Start out by having the boat lift in the down launch position ready to receive your boat.

  1. Drive your boat onto the Hydro Dock - the same way as you would park your car in a garage.
  2. Secure safety lines from the lift to your boat. Have all passengers debark from the boat.
  3. Turn on the blower motor and direct air into the boat lift causing the lift to come to the surface.
  4. When the blower motor pushes all the water from the pontoons, close the valves and turn off the motor.

Your boat is high and dry!

To launch the boat no electrical power is needed.

  1. Open the exhaust valves on the control console in the proper order, allowing air to escape from the pontoons and be replaced by water. Once the air is extruded, the lift will automatically lower itself and then float in the water supported by the upper walkways.
  2. When the lift is in the launch position, the boat is fully floating. You can now back the boat out of the lift as you would a car out of a garage.


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