Hydro Dock International, Inc. is a well-established family owned business, which started building floating boat lifts in 1977.

Hydro Dock's boat lifts, with their hand laminated fiberglass construction and cradles made from marine grade aluminum, are considered to be the strongest, safest and most modular boat lift of its type in the world.

The company has built its reputation with a "BUCK STOPS here" attitude, which has provided the necessary flexibility to meet just about any situation needed to solve the lifting of any size boat up to 120,000 pounds.

The primary purpose of our boat lifts is to keep the owners' boats barnacle and algae free so as to allow them to have continued use of their boats at all times.

Hydro Dock International has built their boat lifts in such as way as to require very low maintenance throughout the life of their product. Its modular construction has allowed it to be widely accepted in marinas, condominium associations and municipalities that have strict codes that do not allow any permanent lifts to be installed.

Hydro Dock boat lifts, with their simple to install bracket attachments, can be easily removed so as to allow no noticeable impact to its mooring environment, which enhances its portability so it can be easily relocated to another location.

Hydro Dock International, Inc., a Florida based corporation, fully lives up to its name in that they have installed their boat lifts in at least twenty foreign countries from the Caribbean to the Orient, as well as Australia. They are also looking to expand nationally by working with various boat dealers throughout the United States by offering a very fair and lucrative sales and referral program.


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