Welcome to HydroDock International boat lifts. We have been the leader in design and durability of a complete line of pontoon style boat lifts for over twenty years. Our boat lifts are custom made floating boat lifts, which are the strongest, most modular boat lifts of its type anywhere in the world.

2310 N.W. 150 STREET. OPA LOCKA. FLORIDA 33054. USA.
TEL: 3O5.944.6300 FAX: 305.891.8244

Mailing address: P.O. Box 612406, North Miami, FL 33261-2406

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Hydro Dock International, Inc. is a well-established family owned business, which started building floating boat lifts in 1977. Hydro Dock International has built their boat lifts in such as way as to require very low maintenance throughout the life of their product. Hydro Dock International boat lifts utilize the air, water, displacement principal whereby vacuum blower motors are used to produce high volume, low pressure aire as our power source. QUOTES GIVEN WITHIN 24 HOURS Please don't hesitate to contact us for any question you may have by phone or email.